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“It’s been a real pleasure working with Jim over the past couple of years with his wealth of knowledge for all things digital. Good public speaker, clear, concise and strong knowledgeable delivery.”

Mark Whittam, Head of Marketing at The Westover Group​

“Jim is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing practitioners I know. I am constantly amazed and impressed by his energy and enthusiasm for a discipline that constantly changes – Jim has grown up as an “early adopter” and still has that “wow, this is great” attitude today towards finding solutions that work for his client, business and colleagues.
Jim has always worked with the digital giants and that is where he should stay. A dedicated and loyal expert who always looks to find a way to make the solution work for the client. A rare player. I hope I can work with Jim again in the future.”

Paul O’Donoghue, Director – National Solutions at thomsonlocal

“The combination of Jim’s knowledge, experience, personality and enthusiasm for all things digital means that he is able to motivate, inspire, educate and consult with any stakeholder he deals with.”

Ian Pollard, Senior Product Manager at Auto Trader UK

“Jim played an instrumental role in effectively tailoring a comprehensive online advertising campaign for BMW. Jim translated a vast array of data into meaningful insight for BMW, allowing us to target our campaigns to the right people at the right time. The campaigns we ran with Jim drove huge amounts of traffic to our store on eBay and undoubtedly played an important part in the growth of BMW’s e-commerce business. Working with Jim was an absolute pleasure and his expertise, enthusiasm and passion mean he will undoubtedly continue to deliver in whatever situation he’s faced with.”

Andy Wilde, Aftersales E-commerce Manager – BMW and MINI at BMW Group UK

“Jim is brilliantly creative, drawing on an incredibly broad knowledgebase & awareness of all that’s current and interesting. I’ve no idea how his output is so prolific given the range of things he seems to have going on. I really liked working with him.”

Joe Tarragano, Retail Practice Director at Transform

“I had the pleasure of working with Jim on a process improvement initiative in eBay Advertising. What stood out for me was his enthusiasm and willingness to find a better ways of doing things. Jim lead from the front while also being both a fully engaged and engaging team player. While keen to explore what was possible, Jim always has an eye on the desired outcome. This collaborative and pragmatic manner meant that working with him was a very positive experience for me. I highly recommend Jim and look forward to working with him again at some point in the future.”

Sean Moran, Founder – Managing Director at Customer Dimension Analytics

“Jim Haysom is an articulate and sharp operator, he impressed me greatly with his understanding of how strategic partnerships can bring real added value to the partners when we worked closely with Jim on a series of major movie campaigns that we jointly launched on eBay, these were ground breaking at eBay at the time, the campaigns were successful in no small part to Jim’s contribution and his incisive ability to deal,with all the various situations that arose quickly and efficiently, I would recommend him highly.”

Leslie Fleischman, Managing Director at PMA Marketing

“Jim is a true digital media aficionado and one of the most creative people you would ever meet. When I hired him into the eBay Advertising team he quickly became a valuable contributor to sourcing, developing and closing partnerships with advertisers. Jim is passionate about all of his projects, works hard and brings a high level of energy and bonhomie to the team.”

Sasha Berson, Vice President, EMEA Chief Marketing Officer at Groupon

“Jim is an expert in online marketing and is someone who has allowed us to structure a complex partnership with eBay. Jims ability to highlight, navigate and suggest solutions to challenges we have faced have been extremely valuable and have improved our marketing on eBay. I would really recommend working with Jim, not only because of his business acumen, but also because he’s a great guy too.”

Eamon Tuhami, Founder & Group MD at Digital-Labs